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Blackpool Workshop | September 2013

Blackpool Workshop | September 2013


A day after my 32rd birthday I was lucky enough to go along for a wedding photography workshop in Blackpool, with the very talented photographer,

Rosie Hardy.

The day was cloudy & overcast, and at the arrival time there was no beach to speak of, but we were always going ahead with the ‘bride’, Bethany &

‘groom’, Rory shoot! 😉

The benefit of training courses, is that you get to try out different things, so not only was this different to the other training courses I’ve been on,

I also tried a slightly different shooting style, so 90% of these are shot on my 50mm 1.4, to get a much shallower depth of field! And I must say I like the

results! 😉

We started off on the North Pier.

After the fun of the North Pier, and a spot of lunch, we headed to the beach, which had now appeared! Bonus!, as we brought out the props! 😉

Then, finally off to the South Pier, for a few fun final shots! 😉

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