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Philipa-Jo & Graham | Ferndale | Shadwell | May 28th 2016

Philipa-Jo & Graham | Ferndale | Shadwell | May 28th 2016


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Today I was joined by Miss Vivienne Edge.

The sun was shining when we arrived @ Ferndale, Pip’s family home.

Pip & Graham were married a few days before, but today was their ‘wedding’ day 🙂

I must say the house & grounds looked amazing! Pip & family had done an amazing job! …

But 1st you had to get past this guard dog – Robyn! 😉

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (15)

Pip had done pretty much everything her self, and all the little touches were brilliant.

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (60) copy 3

Free beer also always helps I reckon! ha

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (124)

So as Graham was still sorting things out in the morning, we both, myself & Viv were around at the house for the bridal prep.

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (157) copy 3wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (175)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (40)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (25)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (181)

Then it was a short walk into the garden, into a lovely little marquee, for the ‘wedding’.

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (227) copy 3

Once the ceremony was finished, we had a walk around to catch some candid shots 😉

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (312)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (313)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (387)

Pip & Graham didn’t want too many group shots, but we grabbed the ones they wanted & then it was time to take the

bride & groom, for their photo shoot! LOL

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (366) copy 3wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (406) wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (409)Pip & Graham Wedding (262)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (416)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (419)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (442) copy 2wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (444) wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (447)

Its lucky that Pip’s sister’s so talented, as she played (along with Pip’s brother too) throughout the day 🙂

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (318)

As well as canape’s during the day, later came the fresh fish & chip truck … And yes, it was as good as it looks!

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (489)

Some (well many) candid shots were taken throughput this very lovely, relaxed wedding.

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (401) copy 3

Garden games too!

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (374) copy 2

Then it was time for Pip to change her dress, not necessary really for the cake cut, but for when we went just down the road,

to the bluebell fields .. And the light was gorgeous, so i’m very glad I convinced them! Ha

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (58)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (546)DSC06860wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (554)Pip & Graham Wedding (331)

Later on, the wedding party had moved, as they were chasing the sun … some even decided to start a most gruesome drinking game!

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (616) copy 3

A swing band, and once again Pip’s brother and sister played at night, before it was time for the bride & groom

to get up for their first dance.

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (589)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (635)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (658)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (666)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (667)

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