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Sabrina & Gregg | Aliathon Holiday Village | Paphos | Cyprus | May 15th 2018

Sabrina & Gregg | Aliathon Holiday Village | Paphos | Cyprus | May 15th 2018


This wedding started a little differently!

A flight to the venue, 2 days before! … Not that I was complaining, as it was all paid for! ha

Oh & it was to 30 degree plus, at the time anyway, Paphos! 🙂

So I arrived a few days early, which gave me chance to have a few beers with the bride & groom beforehand.

I’ve known them for a few years, but its always nice to relax with a few beers with the bridal party, before the big day.

Oh & get the worst sun burn on my legs – ever! ha

*iPhone photograph of the Aliathon venue sign, as I completely forgot on the day! haha


Anyway, the day started as any other wedding would, but there were a few children to sort out, so its probably a

good job the ceremony only started in the afternoon. Good job heat wise too, as I was already melting by this point!

Now don’t get me wrong I love it when a wedding is outdoors, even in the UK, but there’s something special about

an outdoor ceremony abroad … For one thing it’ll probably not rain! haha

A quick ‘group’ shot, before Sabrina was to walk down the aisle with her dad.

See, how nice is this ceremony! 🙂

A few groups shots.

How lovely is this one! … If I do say so myself! lol

Love capturing natural shots – especially when its the bride looking gorgeous 🙂

Cake cut, done a little earlier – probably so its not just a pool of sugar & icing!

A few portraits around Aliathon, with the bride & groom.

Then off to the weeding breakfast, firstly speeches 🙂

The sun set quick, but that’s ok, as it was time for some Cypriot dancing, oh & the party to really start!

Finishing off the night with some great pyrotechnics for the first dance.


What a wedding for my first wedding abroad! If you’re loving these images & the idea of getting wed abroad, then

firstly keep me in mind! ha, but secondly you couldn’t go wrong @ The Aliathon!

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