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Mille & Luke | St James’ Church | Seacroft | The Mercure Hotel | Leeds | June 4th 2016

Mille & Luke | St James’ Church | Seacroft | The Mercure Hotel | Leeds | June 4th 2016


Today, was another day, second shooting for Viv Edge.

My dad started, as usual! ha, with the guys – who all ‘enjoyed’ ย a few brandy’s beforehand!

A surprise wedding car was organised for Luke by Millie, to take him to church.

wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (10) copy 5 wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (46)

Not too shabby eh – A Ferrariย 612 Scaglietti ๐Ÿ˜‰

wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (55) copy 2 wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (57)

A beautiful touch, in St James’ Church, were a violinist was playing to great the guests & eventually Millie too.

wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (68)wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (124) copy 3wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (141)

After the ceremony, we headed down to the Mercure Hotel, however just opposite is Golden Acre park, so we

popped into there for the bride & groom portraits ๐Ÿ˜‰

By this point too, the weather was just perfect & the park was full of places we could use.

wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (148) wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (152) wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (153)wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (159)wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (161)wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (164)wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (165)wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (168)wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (172)

Once at the Mercure Hotel, we decided it would be a good chance to grab the group shots.

wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (207) copy 3 wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (204)

Then the speeches ๐Ÿ™‚

wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (244) copy 3

Musical entertainment too!

wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (288)

We couldn’t not use the woods at the bottom of the hotel’s grounds, especially in gorgeous evening light ๐Ÿ™‚

wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (277)wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (278)wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (282)DSC09968wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (308) wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (313) wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (314)

Couldn’t resist with Fiona & Andy, whose wedding we photographed last year ๐Ÿ™‚

wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (323)

And finally, the first dance, followed by father, daughter dance.

wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (332) wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (333) wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (336) wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (346)

However I must say, as a male, I was a bit disappointed in Luke losing the downing competition of the Jaegerbombs! haha

wedding-macure-hotel-leeds-mille-luke (351) copy 4

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Holly & Mark | Leeds Town Hall | Leeds Club | Leeds | June 3rd 2016

Holly & Mark | Leeds Town Hall | Leeds Club | Leeds | June 3rd 2016


Holly & Mark, had been married before, so all they wanted was for myself & Viv,

who, again asked me along to second shoot, was to document the day.

The day started for Mark & pals in the pub, then it was off to Leeds Town Hall for the ceremony.

wedding-the-leeds-club-holly & mark (4) copy 3 wedding-the-leeds-club-holly & mark (65) copy 3 wedding-the-leeds-club-holly & mark (72) wedding-the-leeds-club-holly & mark (76)

Leeds Club had a lovely Alice in Wonderland theme running throughout ๐Ÿ™‚

wedding-the-leeds-club-holly & mark (95) copy 3DSC08655wedding-the-leeds-club-holly & mark (198) copy 4 wedding-the-leeds-club-holly & mark (218)wedding-the-leeds-club-holly & mark (226)

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Sophie & Anthony | Hayburn Barn | Richmond | June 1st 2016

Sophie & Anthony | Hayburn Barn | Richmond | June 1st 2016



The weather wasn’t looking too bright when I turned up to second shoot for Miss Viv Edge.

However, the venue was gorgeous, Hayburn Barn is a fairly new wedding venue in Gilling West, nr Richmond,

North Yorkshire – but I must say I approve! haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

As Anthony only wanted a few pictures, we both started with a bit of bridal prep, with the beautiful, Sophie.

wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (18) copy 4 wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (55)

Then we went to meet Anthony – *caution ladies – he’s topless below! haha

wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (27)wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (35) wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (37)wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (47) copy 2 wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (52)

Even though it was a little bit cold & quite windy – Sophie & Anthony were’n going to let that ruin their

big day, so the ceremony was still held outside – I for one, am very glad it was, as the marquee is beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (76) copy 2wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (85) copy 4

After the ceremony, we spend a few minutes with the bride & groom, before it started to spit.
wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (122)wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (124)

Although the weather still wasn’t great, the rain had stopped, just enough to get the group shots done.

wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (152) copy 3

The it was time for the speeches ๐Ÿ˜‰

wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (198) copy 3

The weather started to get a little bit brighter, after the speeches, so we took Sophie & Anthony outside.

wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (239)wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (244)wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (248) wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (250)wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (253)wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (258)

By the end, the light was gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜‰

wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (261)DSC08038wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (265)

Then it was back inside for the cake cut – A mahoosive cake at that!, followed by first dance.

DSC08120wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (292)wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (296) wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (297) wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (300)

And finally a father, daughter dance.

wedding-hayburn-barn-richmond-sophie & anthony (309)

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Toddler Photography | Cake Smash | Darcy | June 2016


Little Darcy, and mum, Laura, who I knew from school & dad, Sean, visited the studio the other day,

for Darcy’s first birthday cake smash.

She was a little star, but I can’t remember ever having as much cake on myself after a shoot! haha ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC01650 DSC01646 DSC01660

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Philipa-Jo & Graham | Ferndale | Shadwell | May 28th 2016

Philipa-Jo & Graham | Ferndale | Shadwell | May 28th 2016


wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (14)

Today I was joined by Miss Vivienne Edge.

The sun was shining when we arrived @ Ferndale, Pip’s family home.

Pip & Graham were married a few days before, but today was their ‘wedding’ day ๐Ÿ™‚

I must say the house & grounds looked amazing! Pip & family had done an amazing job! …

But 1st you had to get past this guard dog – Robyn! ๐Ÿ˜‰

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (15)

Pip had done pretty much everything her self, and all the little touches were brilliant.

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (60) copy 3

Free beer also always helps I reckon! ha

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (124)

So as Graham was still sorting things out in the morning, we both, myself & Viv were around at the house for the bridal prep.

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (157) copy 3wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (175)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (40)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (25)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (181)

Then it was a short walk into the garden, into a lovely little marquee, for the ‘wedding’.

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (227) copy 3

Once the ceremony was finished, we had a walk around to catch some candid shots ๐Ÿ˜‰

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (312)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (313)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (387)

Pip & Graham didn’t want too many group shots, but we grabbed the ones they wanted & then it was time to take the

bride & groom, for their photo shoot! LOL

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (366) copy 3wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (406) wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (409)Pip & Graham Wedding (262)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (416)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (419)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (442) copy 2wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (444) wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (447)

Its lucky that Pip’s sister’s so talented, as she played (along with Pip’s brother too) throughout the day ๐Ÿ™‚

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (318)

As well as canape’s during the day, later came the fresh fish & chip truck … And yes, it was as good as it looks!

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (489)

Some (well many) candid shots were taken throughput this very lovely, relaxed wedding.

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (401) copy 3

Garden games too!

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (374) copy 2

Then it was time for Pip to change her dress, not necessary really for the cake cut, but for when we went just down the road,

to the bluebell fields .. And the light was gorgeous, so i’m very glad I convinced them! Ha

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (58)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (546)DSC06860wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (554)Pip & Graham Wedding (331)

Later on, the wedding party had moved, as they were chasing the sun … some even decided to start a most gruesome drinking game!

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (616) copy 3

A swing band, and once again Pip’s brother and sister played at night, before it was time for the bride & groom

to get up for their first dance.

wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (589)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (635)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (658)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (666)wedding-ferndale-shadwell-philipa-jo&graham (667)

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Victoria & Richard | St Michael’s Church | Headingley | The Moorlands | Halifax | May 27th 2016

Victoria & Richard | St Michael’s Church | Headingley | The Moorlands | Halifax | May 27th 2016


Today I was second shooting for Vivienne Edge again, and was asked to meet the lads nice & early!

It was a tight squeeze in the house, with the amount of people that where there, but there were

smiles & laughs throughout & we certainly made the best of it ๐Ÿ™‚

wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (6) copy 2 wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (16) copy 2 wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (29) copy 2 wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (73) copy 2

The it was off to the pub for a bit of dutch courage! ha

wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (118)wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (125)

St Michael’s Church was just opposite the pub – now that was planned well! ha

So we headed off a few minutes, before Vicky was due to arrive ๐Ÿ˜‰

wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (127)wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (151) copy 3

Some people weren’t quite as interested in the vows!!! hahaha

wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (158)wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (163)wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (165)

Before we headed to The Moorlands, for the wedding reception, we stopped off @ Ogden Water Reserve, with Vicky & Richard.

wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (170) wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (173) wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (174) wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (176)

Down at The Moorlands, we grabbed the wedding party, for the group shots & even caught a few more of the bride & groom.

wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (186) copy 3wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (209)wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (212)

Some gorgeously emotional speeches followed ๐Ÿ™‚

wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (273) copy 3

Back outside Vicky & Richard, to grab a few more shots with some great evening light.

wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (309)wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (277) wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (283)

The girls had organised a surprise dance, before the first dance, which was just brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚

wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (317) copy 2 wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (329) wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (331) wedding-the-moorlands-Victoria & Richard (330)

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Danielle & Dean | Farington Lodge | Leyland | May 21st 2016

Danielle & Dean | Farington Lodge | Leyland | May 21st 2016


wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (2)

The sky was dark & gloomy when I first arrived to meet Danielle & her bridesmaids,

at Farington Lodge, Leyland.

wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (8)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (14)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (121)

After grabbing a few shots of Danielle & friends, the clouds opened & down came the rain –

Things were looking like they might get a little wet.

It was though, time to nip down the road to visit Dean & his groomsmen.

wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (73)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (79)

Then back for some images of the gorgeous bride, Danielle getting ready.

wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (106)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (104)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (127)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (112)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (151)

Then it was downstairs to Farington Lodge’s lovely wedding ceremony room, for the ‘big’ part of the day ๐Ÿ˜‰

By the time the ceremony was done, the sun was shining, so it was off out to make the most of it! ๐Ÿ™‚

wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (189) copy 3wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (219)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (221)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (225)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (230)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (234)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (237)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (245)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (252) copy 3wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (264)

Just before the speeches, after the group shots the heavens opened again, but we’d timed everything to perfection! ha

wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (419) copy 3

It was clear again after the speeches, so it was off to use Farington Lodge’s new pavilion ๐Ÿ™‚

wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (459)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (462)

Then came the first dance, both with Danielle & Dean, but also a lovely father, daughter dance too ๐Ÿ™‚

wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (557)wedding-farington-lodge-danielle & dean (567)DSC04986

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Pre Wedding | Philipa-Jo & Graham | Ferndale | Shadwell | May 2nd 2016

Pre Wedding | Philipa-Jo & Graham | Ferndale | Shadwell | May 2nd 2016


We had to wait for the bluebells to come out in the local woods, before we could do this pre wedding shoot,

as its where Graham proposed to Pip.

It was pouring down in the morning, but by the time we started the shoot, it was a little windy but the sun was shining bright!

We decided to do the pre shoot around Pip’s family home, as that’s where the wedding will be held in a couple of weeks,

and with woods, bluebells, oil seed rape fields & old farm houses – I must say I approve ๐Ÿ˜‰

DSC03867DSC03880DSC03890DSC03895 DSC03898DSC03904 DSC03907DSC03911DSC03921DSC03922DSC03936 DSC03942DSC03944 DSC03953

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Toddler Photography | Cake Smash | Alice | May 2016

Toddler Photography | Cake Smash | Alice | May 2016


Alice came to me for her 1st birthday cake smash.

Now it wasn’t that she was uninterested in the cake, but she didn’t want to sit down either! haha


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Training Course | Ceconi Castle | Venice | Italy | Lauren & Zach | April 2016

Training Course | Ceconi Castle | Venice | Italy | Lauren & Zach | April 2016



Well this blog has been a long time in the making to be honest! haha –

What, with the amount of pictures & everything else going on – But its here now!!

The fun started the night before, but even with a heavy head, the views from the plane, over the Alps wereย spectacular!

We were nearly our destination & I must say, that although I’ve been on a few of Chris Chambers’

training courses in the past, I knew this one was going to be a belter!

…. And when we arrived at Ceconi Castle, owned by Graphistudio, I must say that none of use were disappointed!





The castle & its grounds are outstanding – such an amazing place for a photoshoot!

Chris’ courses cover many topics, but are, as this one was, based around Off Camera Flash & its use in providing beautiful images.

As I sadi, I’ve done a few (many!) of Chris’ courses before, but as the week progressed

I really did start to feel comfortable with OCF – which was nice!

Lauren & Zach were the models & both were amazing.

We started Day 1 with a few simple shots just outside the castle, then, as the sun wa still shining,

we used the beautiful mountains as a backdrop & with a little bit of On Camera Flash to fill in the shadows slightly,

we again were shown how to create some stunning images!

DSC02556-RecoveredDSC02671DSC02716DSC02569DSC02582 DSC02591 DSC02596 DSC02599-2 DSC02602DSC02611DSC02620DSC02684

Again using the beautiful, Ceconi Castle as the backdrop, we used a mix of On Camera Flash & natural light for these great images.

DSC02629 copy 2DSC02658DSC02659DSC02694DSC02722DSC02732

You can really see where the use of Off Camera Flash comes into its own on these next couple of images – Ceconi @ night helps too! ๐Ÿ™‚


Day 2 started indoors, showing us how to create some brilliant images, even in the strangest of places!

Zach’s ‘groom prep’ photos are easy to create, given the right conditions, but they do look amazing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

DSC02768DSC02774 DSC02775DSC02799DSC02785DSC02807

A simple red couch, a blue gel, a little bit of Off Camera Flash & voilร !


We ventured away from the castle after lunch, to a little river & waterfall, just down the road & yes the water really was that colour ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC02855DSC02839DSC02865 DSC02882 DSC02894

Always wanted to try this shot – Again, its fairly easy to do, but always nice to practice, when not under the scrutiny of a ‘proper’ wedding ๐Ÿ˜‰

The rest too, are very simple poses, but it just shows, that with the right backdrop, any simple pose can look beautiful.

DSC02912DSC02919 DSC02929DSC02931DSC02949DSC02932DSC02937DSC02958DSC02976DSC02982DSC02991 DSC03009FullSizeRender (28)

This is my attempt at shooting the stars over Ceconi Castle, on the evening of Day 2… Wish I’d have left it a little longer now!


Day 3 was one of the main reasons we were on the course – The chance to visit Graphistudio & see how our albums were made!

Martin, our guide, was brilliant & very informative & It really was great to see everyone & everything that went into the making of the gorgeous albums.

DSC03137 copy 312973520_10209242721124200_7527701595230151370_o


In the afternoon, we did a little boudoir shoot with the stunning Lauren – I think you’ll agree – She looks beautiful.


We, well me & Jonny, even managed to have a little bit of fun too! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Day 4 was the last day & some needed to be at the airport, so we had a few hours to have a look at a pre wedding shoot &

how we could make these images ‘pop’ too!

The rest of the time was spent in Venice, where we had the chance to follow Chris on actual pre wedding

shoot & see how he worked – It really was an insight!

The rest of the time though, was spent enjoying the brilliantly beautiful surroundings & even grabbing a few shots!

FullSizeRender (27)DSC03425DSC03386FullSizeRender (23) copy 2IMG_4090FullSizeRender (24) copy 2 DSC03387DSC03393 copy2

I must say that this was one of the best courses, and photography experiences I’ve had.

Many thanks must go to Martin & Graphistudio, for being great hosts for most of the week,

the models, Lauren & Zach, who were, as I said earlier, amazing and not forgetting

of course, Mr Chambers, for all the information & guidance. It really was brill ๐Ÿ™‚

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