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Cara & Phil | East Riddlesden Hall | Keighley | June 16th 2018

Cara & Phil | East Riddlesden Hall | Keighley | June 16th 2018



Have to say, that after meeting up with these two, a few weeks back for their pre wedding shoot,

I was always looking forward to today, as I knew it would be a good one.

The weather wasn’t great when I met up with the girls, just down the road from East Riddlesden Hall, but that was never going to stop the fun πŸ™‚


The rain had stopped by the time Cara arrived with her dad, to walk into the ceremony room.


What a lovely ceremony, for a great couple.


With a little bit of confetti, to finish the ceremony off πŸ˜‰

As you can see, the rain had most definitely stopped by the end of the ceremony, so we headed outside.


But, whilst it was quite inside, we made the most of the beautiful dΓ©cor too.


Only stopping, occasionally, for a bit of food πŸ™‚

After spending a bit of time with Cara & Phil, we grabbed a few candids & group shots.


Then, more bride & groom portraits – always one of my favourite times of the wedding day πŸ™‚

It was then time to head back indoors, for the speeches, and some singing waitors.


Making the most of the evening light after too.

Finally, the day was drawing to a close, well for me anyway, so it was cake cutting time, followed by the first dance.


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Pre Wedding | Cara & Phil | Roundhay Park | Leeds | June 3rd 2018

Pre Wedding | Cara & Phil | Roundhay Park | Leeds | June 3rd 2018


Pre wedding shoots are part of all my wedding packages, as I always like meeting up with the bride & groom,

before their big day to get to know them a little better, and in a nice way, see how far I can push them photo wise! haha

Gotta say, it was lovely to meet up with these 2 in Roundhay Park, and I can’t wait for their wedding now πŸ™‚


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Sabrina & Gregg | Aliathon Holiday Village | Paphos | Cyprus | May 15th 2018

Sabrina & Gregg | Aliathon Holiday Village | Paphos | Cyprus | May 15th 2018


This wedding started a little differently!

A flight to the venue, 2 days before! … Not that I was complaining, as it was all paid for! ha

Oh & it was to 30 degree plus, at the time anyway, Paphos! πŸ™‚

So I arrived a few days early, which gave me chance to have a few beers with the bride & groom beforehand.

I’ve known them for a few years, but its always nice to relax with a few beers with the bridal party, before the big day.

Oh & get the worst sun burn on my legs – ever! ha

*iPhone photograph of the Aliathon venue sign, as I completely forgot on the day! haha


Anyway, the day started as any other wedding would, but there were a few children to sort out, so its probably a

good job the ceremony only started in the afternoon. Good job heat wise too, as I was already melting by this point!

Now don’t get me wrong I love it when a wedding is outdoors, even in the UK, but there’s something special about

an outdoor ceremony abroad … For one thing it’ll probably not rain! haha

A quick ‘group’ shot, before Sabrina was to walk down the aisle with her dad.

See, how nice is this ceremony! πŸ™‚

A few groups shots.

How lovely is this one! … If I do say so myself! lol

Love capturing natural shots – especially when its the bride looking gorgeous πŸ™‚

Cake cut, done a little earlier – probably so its not just a pool of sugar & icing!

A few portraits around Aliathon, with the bride & groom.

Then off to the weeding breakfast, firstly speeches πŸ™‚

The sun set quick, but that’s ok, as it was time for some Cypriot dancing, oh & the party to really start!

Finishing off the night with some great pyrotechnics for the first dance.


What a wedding for my first wedding abroad! If you’re loving these images & the idea of getting wed abroad, then

firstly keep me in mind! ha, but secondly you couldn’t go wrong @ The Aliathon!Β Β

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Pre Wedding | Miriam & James | Roundhay Park | Leeds | April 22nd 2018

Pre Wedding | Miriam & James | Roundhay Park | Leeds | April 22nd 2018


I always love heading to Roundhay Park when I’m doing a pre wedding shoot around Leeds,

not only, as its an area I now know quite well, but also, as there’s so many places & angles to shoot from πŸ™‚


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Jade & Rob | Falcon Manor | Settle | December 17th 2017

Jade & Rob | Falcon Manor | Settle | December 17th 2017



It looked like it could be quite a damp day, weather wise, for the wedding of Jade & Rob, however

I knew nothing would dampen the attitude of everyone coming to this amazing day πŸ™‚


After having a nosey round, I went up to meet Jade & her stunning bridesmaids.


Then, back downstairs to meet Rob & his groomsmen.


In a Jewish wedding, the marriage contract, the Ketubah, is signed before the ceremony, so it was back up to the brides room, with Rob, for the signing.

The it was time for the ceremony, and the walk to the Chuppah πŸ™‚

After the ring exchange and the breaking of the glass, Jade & Rob headed back down the isle, showered in confetti.


After some moments alone, it was time for me anyway, to get wet, as we grabbed some shots of the wonderful couple.

Oh & the bridesmaids too, of course! ha

And even a couple of the groomsmen.


Entertainment & festivities followed, before the wedding breakfast.

After some amazing speeches, it was time for the dancing! I do love Jewish dancing too, as its always full of energy & laughter!

However, before all that took place, Rob had booked Jade’s favourite singer to personally sing their first dance song – A very touching moment.

More fun followed the dancing, with drinking, and the throwing of the bouquet.

This was an amazing wedding, from start to finish, made all the better by the treatment showed by all the staff at Falcon Manor.

Can’t wait for next year now πŸ˜‰


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Faye & Tom | Thorner Victory Hall | Thorner | Leeds | July 22nd 2017

Faye & Tom | Thorner Victory Hall | Thorner | Leeds | July 22nd 2017



It looked like it could be a nice day for the wedding of Faye & Tom in Thorner village πŸ™‚

I was joined today, by Viv, of Vivienne Edge Photography, and Emily, who was the videographer.

We’ve all worked together, with most of these guests before, at the wedding of Cat & James –


After a few shots of the ladies, it was a very short walk, to the pub, to see Tom & some of the guys.


Before heading back, just in time to see Faye getting into her dress.


A few shots of the bride & bridesmaids, before it was time to head to Thorner Victory Hall.


As Faye & Tom had to get married earlier in the week, due to not legally being allowed to get married at the hall,

the ceremony was a lovely affair, of speeches, singing & dancing πŸ™‚

Always nice to have a second shooter along too – to capture all the other bits πŸ™‚

After the ceremony, I let the bride & groom have a few minutes, whilst I mingled, to grab some candid photos πŸ˜‰

A few groups shots, before convincing a local farmer – with the help of Viv & Emily, to use his field for a few portraits πŸ™‚


Back at the hall, it was time to mingle again, before the buffet style wedding breakfast, and speeches.

After speeches, it was time to nip outside for a few more pics with Faye & Tom, and also a couple more candid shots.


As the day drew to a close, it was time to cut the cake – with some confetti cannons πŸ˜‰

And finally, music and dancing – For all πŸ™‚


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Kymberley & Gavin | St Peter’s Church | Birstall | Ponderosa | Heckmondwike | June 3rd 2017

Kymberley & Gavin | St Peter’s Church | Birstall | Ponderosa | Heckmondwike | June 3rd 2017


wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (51) copy 3wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (85)

The day started at Kym & Gavin’s home, where Kym was busy doing the bridesmaids hair –

the joy of being a hairdresser I guess! HA

wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (140)

As Gavin wasn’t too far away, I nipped to grab a few shots of him just finishing off getting ready,

before it was back to see Kym, who was in her dress by this point πŸ™‚

DSC03603wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (172)

Got to say though, those are some stunning bridesmaid dresses – the ladies pull them off too! πŸ˜‰

wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (181)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (206)

It was then time to head just down the road to St. Peter’s Church, where unfortunately I

wasn’t allowed to take many pictures during the ceremony, but we certainly got a few before & after.

wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (104)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (228)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (246)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (245)

I also learnt, at this wedding, that Snapchat filter make me look good … well ok! ha


A little confetti shot & a few group shots, before heading to Ponderosa πŸ™‚

wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (284)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (291)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (294)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (321)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (302)

Oh & I nearly forgot, releasing some emoji balloons too πŸ˜‰

wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (331)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (336) copy 3

So I just had to grab a quick shot of the lovely, as they arrived @ Ponderosa.

wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (353)

It was then time for the wedding breakfast & of course, the speeches.

wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (425) copy 3

The it was off for the bride & groom portraits … Here’s a behind the scenes shot, of said shots, taken by the fablous

videographer,Β Swanland Photo & Film

IMG_1589wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (493)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (520)wedding-kymberley-gavin-ponderosa (2)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (532)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (542)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (560)

Then it was time to capture a few more of the remaining group shots …

They’re not really doing a number one! haha

wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (572)wedding-kymberley-gavin-ponderosawedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (589) copy 4wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (606)

Cake cutting, first dance & a sparkler shot finished an amazing day πŸ™‚

wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (682)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (690)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (698)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (714)wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (760)

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Rhiannon & Craig | Hallmark Hotel | Leyland | Spring Cottage | Rivington | May 27th 2017

Rhiannon & Craig | Hallmark Hotel | Leyland | Spring Cottage | Rivington | May 27th 2017


wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (71) copy 4

From the moment I met Rhiannon & Craig, at a local wedding fayre – I knew this wedding was going to be fun! ha

It started, at a hotel a few miles away from where Rhiannon & Craig where to marry, for the bridal prep.

wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (112)

The sun was shining as Rhiannon arrived @ Hallmark Hotel in Leyland, for her wedding

ceremony, with her man, Craig.

wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (119)wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (177) copy 3wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (258)

After the ceremony it was time to head to Spring Cottage in Rivington, for as Rhiannon & Craig put it, the party! ha

wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (312)

Rhiannon & Craig wanted a good confetti shot .. so that’s exactly what they got! ha πŸ˜‰

wedding-rhiannon-criag-spring-cottage (2)

It was then time for the group shots, as the weather was closing in.

wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (329) copy 3wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (347) copy 2wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (360)

See – I told you it’d be fun – especially when the MOTG flips you the bird! haha

wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (378)

The rain came quickly & with some force – everyone was under shelter, except this little lad –

no one was stopping him from enjoying himself πŸ˜‰

wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (390)

We decided to leave the bride & groom portraits until after the wedding breakfast & speeches.

wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (493) copy 3

So, after the wedding breakfast the rain had stopped, so we headed out for some bride & groom portraits.

wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (571)wedding-rhiannon-criag-spring-cottage (3)wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (603)wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (618)wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (613)wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (624)wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (639)

The classy bride! ha … And i’m not taking the piss, as she loves this pic! ha

wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (690)

As the light was fading, we grabbed a few more piccys of the bride & groom, before heading back inside for the first dance.

wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (702)wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (736)wedding-spring-cottage-rhiannon-criag (748) copy 2

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Training Course | Paris | France | Rachel & Nick | May 2017

Training Course | Paris | France | Rachel & Nick | May 2017


wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (5)

I don’t do many training courses anymore, but when I do I make sure they’re the good ones! Ha

This one was another with Chris Chambers, but this time it was a trip to Paris.

A trip away, always has to start with one thing – A journey & this plane journey certainly had some

stunning views πŸ™‚

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (6)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (49)

When we arrived on Sunday afternoon, we had a few hours to get things ready, before it was out around Paris for

an evening of photography πŸ™‚

We, of course started with the most recognisable icon of both Paris & perhaps France, the Eiffel Tower.

Its amazing, just moving your position, and using the light in different ways, what results you can achieve,

with it being a Chris Chambers course, there was an element of adding light too, in the form of speedlights πŸ™‚

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (54)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (7)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (8)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (52)
wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (12)

This area below, show what can be done, even when the area isn’t perhaps the nicest, and smells of wee! haha

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (60)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (61)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (4)

After the “wee” area, it was back to the bridge we started the day on, for a few more night time shots πŸ˜‰

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (3)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (13)

Monday, was more of a recce day, so it was a bit (not in terms of walking!! lol) relaxed, so it was a day to take some

iPhone landscapes, drink some beer & enjoy some French food πŸ™‚

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (14)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (15)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (17)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (32)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (11)

Tuesday started EARLY, with some sunrise pictures, using both the available light & off camera flash.

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (41)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (18)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (19)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (50)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (20)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (42)

It was then off to a gorgeous building we found on the recce on Monday – can’t remember its name though!wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (21)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (22)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (53)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (23)

A loving walk in beautiful Paris, always looks especially romantic πŸ™‚wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (43)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (24)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (44)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (25)

Then it was more walking, by this point my feet were killing me – but did I complain?

Of course i did! haha – But kept on regardless! lol

We reached Notre Dame , and decided to use the gardens round the back for a few images.

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (45)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (46)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (26)

The pigeons weren’t playing ball for this one – But we’d get them too! … Tomorrow πŸ˜‰

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (51)

We stopped at a lovely Parisian cafe for a break, a few beers and a couple of lovely images.

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (27)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france

Again, I forget the name, but there’s a bridge in Paris where people leave locks attached to the bridge,

well it was at this bridge, Chris showed us what can be achieved with a simple structure & some great lighting –

we’d be back later tonight, so he could show us more.

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (28)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (59)

It was break time after that, then off to the Louvre at night – unfortunately it was closed off πŸ™ …..

However we made the best of a bad situation & found some areas around here instead.

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (29)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (30)

We then headed off to some of the earlier locations, to see how they looked at night –

the answer = gorgeous!

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (31)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (47)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (48)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (10)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (9)

It was another early start on Weds, as this was the final day & we were all flying back later.

….. Told you we got the pigeons to play ball! ha

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (33)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (34)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (35)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (55)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (36)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (58)

A train station was even used to grab another brilliant & unusual shot πŸ˜‰


wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (40)

It was then time to head back towards the hotel, stopping at a few point along the way.

wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (37)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (38)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (56)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (2)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (57)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (39)wedding-paris-wedding-photography-france (16)

The flight home treated us to more stunning views.

Have to say Paris was lovely – but you’re always happy to be home, aren’t you? πŸ˜‰

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Pre Wedding | Kymberley & Gavin | Ponderosa | Heckmondwike | May 14th 2017

Pre Wedding | Kymberley & Gavin | Ponderosa | Heckmondwike | May 14th 2017


pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (23)

It was a busy pre wedding shoot day today, firstly with Kym & Gavin @ their wedding venue,

Pondersoa, nr Leeds in the morning.

I was a bit unsure, until I got there, as its a working farm – But its a beautiful venue & i’m very much looking

forward to the wedding in June now πŸ™‚

pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (24)pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (4)pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (3)DSC00916pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (7)pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (9)pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (12)pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (2)pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (15)pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (17)pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (18)pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (20)pre-wedding-kym-gavin-ponderosa (22)

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